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Learning Business Lessons

Greg Lindberg Starts In Business


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Excerpt from Failing Early & Failing Often: How to Turn Your Adversity Into Advantage If you are going to stand your ground, you need to know what you stand for. You are what you believe. Believe me, there are times when all you will have are your beliefs. In this section, I share with you the thinkers and philosophers whose ideas are critical to turning adversity into advantage. Philosophy is meant to be consumed in

Stay Scrappy

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Excerpt from Failing Early and Failing Often In a healthy, apolitical company, the leader isn’t “too good” to do any job in the company: A leader connects with employees and customers, signs for packages and gets in the trenches. Titles don’t matter, results do. The best leaders put customers and employees first, which inspires loyalty. That customer and employee loyalty translates into business results. Your results do the talking for you. In my first office,

Building Eli Global: From Humble Beginnings to Opportunity

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Greg Lindberg's entrepreneurial journey reached a pivotal moment with the establishment of Eli Global, a company that would evolve into a multi-billion-dollar conglomerate. Founded in 1991, Eli Global initially operated as a small team producing health care products from a modest office space. By 1998, Eli Global had expanded its operations but faced significant challenges, including financial constraints and regulatory changes in the home care industry. Despite these obstacles, Lindberg's resilience and strategic foresight enabled

The Folding Table Culture

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In the early days of our company, we bought folding tables and chairs for everyone. When it became clear that the uncomfortable folding chairs were affecting company morale, we bought a truckful of comfortable chairs that had been discarded by a big IT company because they were hideous. Everyone was happy. Eventually, we decided to hire a CEO to run day-to-day operations. After a long meeting in our conference room full of folding tables and

Launch of Home Care Week Newsletter

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Greg Lindberg's journey is a testament to extraordinary success born from humble beginnings. Originating from a meager $5,000 investment while he was still a college student, Lindberg's group of companies has evolved into a flourishing enterprise. The trajectory of Lindberg's achievements traces back to his high school graduation in 1989, followed by his enrollment at Yale University, where he earned his bachelor's degree in economics in 1993. It was during Lindberg's sophomore year at Yale

Greg’s Early Life:

Humble Beginnings

Starting in Business:

Learning Business Lessons

Building Success:

The Global Growth Story

Fight for Justice:

Accusations & Incarceration

A Renewed Man:

Freedom & Transformation

“The day you stop asking questions, relax and rest on your accomplishments is the day you start dying.”

Greg Lindberg

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