Greg Lindberg’s journey is a testament to extraordinary success born from humble beginnings. Originating from a meager $5,000 investment while he was still a college student, Lindberg’s group of companies has evolved into a flourishing enterprise.

The trajectory of Lindberg’s achievements traces back to his high school graduation in 1989, followed by his enrollment at Yale University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in economics in 1993.

It was during Lindberg’s sophomore year at Yale that he planted the seeds of success by establishing a groundbreaking health insurance compliance and reimbursement newsletter named Home Care Week. The publication aimed to demystify complex medical regulations for healthcare professionals, showcasing Lindberg’s early knack for identifying industry needs and providing solutions.

Following the success of Home Care Week, Greg’s companies launched Rehab Report and Home Care Compliance Alert, expanding the reach of Lindberg’s companies

Over time, this small startup business turned into a multi-million-dollar publishing company.