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Freedom and Transformation

After 633 Days of incarceration, Greg Lindberg finds freedom and transformation.

Greg Lindberg Exposes Broken Promises within the Federal Justice System Through the Heartbreaking Tale of ‘Mr. X’

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In Greg Lindberg's recent series of YouTube videos, he shared a story that underscored the shortcomings of the federal justice system, using it as a poignant example of a broader issue. While he refrained from disclosing the individual's identity, he recounted the unfortunate experience of a 40-year-old man, dubbed "Mr. X," who faced legal repercussions for a securities transaction. Lindberg meticulously researched Mr. X's case, discovering that the charges appeared minor and straightforward. Encouragement arose

After Wrongful Conviction and Prison Stay, Lindberg releases 633 Days Inside

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In 2020, Greg found himself wrongly convicted of a crime, ensnared by a public official who, wearing a wire, solicited a campaign donation from him. Despite the unjust nature of his conviction, Greg utilized his time at Federal Prison Camp (FPC) Montgomery to showcase his innate ability to assist others. Whether working as a janitor, aiding in the education department, or teaching business and entrepreneurship classes to his fellow inmates, Greg forged lasting friendships during

Transforming Adversity: Lindberg’s Journey from Prison to Personal Empowerment

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Greg Lindberg, a Yale graduate and former billionaire, found himself entangled in a legal battle that led to his conviction for bribery in North Carolina in 2020. His seven-year sentence was overturned nearly two years later by the Fourth Circuit of Appeals, but during his time in prison, Lindberg underwent a remarkable transformation, which he now shares in his new book, "633 Days Inside: Lessons on Life and Leadership." Upon entering FPC Montgomery in Alabama,

Greg’s Early Life:

Humble Beginnings

Starting in Business:

Learning Business Lessons

Building Success:

The Global Growth Story

Fight for Justice:

Accusations & Incarceration

A Renewed Man:

Freedom & Transformation

“The day you stop asking questions, relax and rest on your accomplishments is the day you start dying.”

Greg Lindberg

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