In 2020, Greg found himself wrongly convicted of a crime, ensnared by a public official who, wearing a wire, solicited a campaign donation from him. Despite the unjust nature of his conviction, Greg utilized his time at Federal Prison Camp (FPC) Montgomery to showcase his innate ability to assist others. Whether working as a janitor, aiding in the education department, or teaching business and entrepreneurship classes to his fellow inmates, Greg forged lasting friendships during his incarceration.

Having personally witnessed the flaws within the criminal justice system, Greg has since committed his life to advocating for change. In 2020, he established Interrogating Justice, a non-profit organization with the mission of raising awareness and promoting solutions that hold corrupt government figures accountable, ensure fairness in sentencing, support reentry, and provide universal access to justice.

In his latest book, Lindberg recounts his journey from the first day in prison, where he resolved to view the experience as a catalyst for personal improvement—physically, spiritually, and mentally. Lindberg introduces the concept of hormesis, emphasizing how certain adversities, when endured in moderation, can foster strength and growth. “633 Days Inside” imparts transformative lessons and inspirational insights, encouraging readers to unlock their potential, cultivate resilience, and thrive in challenging circumstances, contributing to a better life and world.

Lindberg illustrates throughout the book how he reshaped his mindset and habits, effectively transforming the prison environment into a hormetic experience. This shift triggered a positive biological and mental response, leaving Lindberg appearing and feeling a decade younger upon his release. Armed with newfound friendships and a profound appreciation for gratitude, he successfully eliminated distractions and negative influences, fostering enhanced focus, productivity, and ultimately, success.

“With the launch of this new book, I hope to empower people to take their lives and their well-being into their own hands. If there’s any setting where that seems impossible to do, it would be prison. I hope my story will prove to readers that there are no circumstances too grave to prevent them from turning the most difficult of circumstances into opportunities to unlock their inner greatness,” said Lindberg.