In his informative video series, Greg Lindberg explains the significance of hydration and the importance of drinking water for maintaining optimal health.

At a very basic biochemical level, sufficient amount of water around the nucleus inside the cell is critical for the functioning of the cell. The cell will not function without hydration within the cell itself. The mitochondria electron transport chain will not function without adequate hydration. Water is critical to life.

If your cells are functioning better, you’re going to have better cognition. You’re going to have better memory. You’re going to have better sleep. You’re going to have better vascular conditions. Your heart’s going to function better. Your muscles are going to function better.

The thing about water is it’s actually not the volume that’s important. It’s the frequency. If you take a little sip, it’s very effective. But if you guzzle a gallon and then don’t drink water for two hours, it’s not effective. It’s much more effective to take a little sip. It hydrates the body.

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