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“Who wouldn’t want to improve their life?,” Mark Stringfellow says, “That’s what I think we all should be striving for just to be better as humans.”

In the face of life’s trials and tribulations, Mark Stringfellow discovered solace and determination within the pages of Greg Lindberg’s 2020 publication “Failing Early, Failing Often.” Stringfellow, an enthusiastic writer and storyteller, has become a staunch advocate for a fresh perspective on adversity and resilience.

Lindberg’s work underscores the significance of embracing failure as a vital component of the path to triumph, promoting a mindset that perceives setbacks not as roadblocks but as invaluable lessons. This resonated profoundly with Stringfellow, prompting him to embark on a journey of profound self-exploration and personal development.

“I’ve never really seen a tree grow from bad soil,” Stringfellow continues, “my grandmothers, they reared me in my adolescence and both of them succumbed to diseases, dealing with high blood pressure diabetes. I saw that at a young age and that made me pivot to feel like the reason why they passed is due to eating and I said at 18 I want to start my journey on eating right.”

“I met Greg Lindberg through honestly a series of unfortunate events, through failure believe it or not, that’s one of the things that he’s big on you know failing fast and failing often.”

“I gained a lot of respect and admiration honestly from reading that book knowing everything that he’s been through.”

Lindberg’s 2023 book, LIFELONG: Quantum Biology, Anti-Aging Science, and the Cutting-Edge Program that Will Transform Your Body and Mind, further fueled Stringfellow’s determination to pursue physical well-being, bolster mental and emotional resilience, and nurture optimism for the future.

“If you want to become healthier, stronger and a better person for yourself, this is the book for you,” said Stringfellow. “This book can help business leaders, creators, and teachers be a better version of themselves. Each page is filled with a wealth of data and scientific information on longevity, and how to preserve your health and be more successful.”


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