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Resilience is about your entire body.

Our bodies are very resilient if we challenge them, so if you if you see the lifelong program from intermittent fasting, long-term fasting, 4-day fasting to mental challenges, physical challenges, that all builds resilience.

After 4 days of no food, it doesn’t matter what challenge you face, you feel confident you can handle it because your brain derived neurotrophic factor is 20x up, your confidence level is up, your executive function is up. And so, to build resilience in life, you have to build resilience in your body, and to build resilience in your body, you have to build resilience in your mitochondria, because the mitochondria are the energy to power you through resilience.

And what do the mitochondria want? Well, they want to digest your fat, they want you to starve so they can digest your triglycerides and they want you to exercise and they want you to be challenged and intellectual.

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