Lindberg is a North Carolina resident and businessman, who has operated largely out of public view until recent criminal charges. His new book, Failing Early & Failing Often: How to Turn Your Adversity Into Advantage, tells his compelling life story.  The book details the influences that inspired and contributed to his enormous financial success – and further define his legacy for friends, media and other interested observers.

Greg Lindberg has known incredible success and overcome devastating adversity. He built a billion-dollar global business from a folding table and $5,000. He has survived a brain tumor, divorce, indictment and conviction. Lindberg is currently facing a 7 year prison sentence from what he believes to be an entirely unjust and politically motivated prosecution.

Here is an excerpt in Greg’s own words: “This book will help you turn any adversity, failure, heartbreak or trauma into an even greater advantage. I have had a few failures and adversities of my own. I’ve been divorced, indicted, convicted and have failed at numerous different business ventures. I am currently facing a lengthy prison sentence. Yes, I am potentially going to prison for asking for “fair and rigorous regulation” from an “unbiased regulator.” The federal government thinks I am a criminal, despite the  fact I said on tape numerous times  (not knowing  I was being  recorded) that “everything we do must  be fully compliant with the  law .”

I believe I’ve made every mistake there is to make in business at least twice.  I had a golf ball-sized brain tumor removed, which means I am half deaf and had to learn to walk again.  I’ve lost hundreds of millions of dollars on failed investment.

I am a humble student of the “School of Hard Knocks,” and I am hoping to share a few lessons with you here in overcoming adversity—and turning it into an even greater advantage.”

In Failing Early & Failing Often, Lindberg takes readers on a path of self-discovery to discover the strength hidden in the subconscious. For those lucky enough to have survived COVID-19, the principles outlined in his book can help anyone turn the devastation of the pandemic on careers, families and businesses into an even greater advantage.