Following the challenges of 1998, Eli Global underwent a remarkable transformation, emerging as a global leader in information and financial services. Under Greg Lindberg’s visionary leadership, the company embarked on a trajectory of exponential growth and innovation.

By the early 2000s, Eli Global had diversified its product offerings and expanded its global footprint, laying the groundwork for future acquisitions and strategic partnerships. Lindberg’s strategic acumen and commitment to excellence propelled the company to unprecedented heights of success.

Throughout its expansion, Eli Global remained committed to its core values of integrity, innovation, and excellence. Lindberg’s emphasis on cultivating a unique corporate culture fueled employee engagement and organizational success.

The establishment of offices in India in 2007 further cemented Eli Global’s position as a global powerhouse, facilitating innovation and collaboration on a global scale. Despite personal challenges, including a health scare in 2009, Lindberg’s resilience and determination ensured the company’s continued growth and success.

Today, Eli Global, now known as Global Growth, stands as a testament to Greg Lindberg’s entrepreneurial vision and leadership. With over 100 acquisitions and a reputation for turnaround expertise, Lindberg’s legacy continues to inspire entrepreneurs around the world.