North Carolina businessman Greg Lindberg declared a significant $1 million commitment to the American Civil Liberties Union’s Criminal Law Reform Project. Lindberg, in a released statement, expressed that his generous contribution aims to aid individuals lacking the resources to combat injustice.

The substantial donation is earmarked to support an ongoing ACLU project dedicated to ending excessive punishments and ensuring fair and equal treatment within the justice system. Lindberg highlighted recent prisoner releases during the COVID-19 pandemic as a motivating factor behind his philanthropy. He questioned the rationale behind keeping non-violent offenders incarcerated if they are deemed safe for society now, emphasizing that they were always safe and it took a pandemic for the government to acknowledge this.

Drawing from his own legal battles, Lindberg offered a firsthand perspective on the flaws within the justice system. He asserted that the system is broken and poses a threat to personal freedom, even for individuals with the means to secure top-notch legal representation. Lindberg emphasized the potential devastation, both emotionally and financially, that individuals face when confronting the U.S. or State Government.