Greg Lindberg is a staunch advocate for equitable, just, and fair treatment for all individuals within the criminal justice system. Drawing from personal experience, he recognizes the system’s flaws and is committed to instigating change.

In 2020, Lindberg took a significant step by founding Interrogating Justice, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and promoting solutions to address corruption within government entities. This non-partisan think tank, comprised of a team of attorneys, advocates, and allies, tackles pressing legal, social, and ethical issues plaguing the justice system today. Their mission is straightforward: to illuminate the barriers obstructing fairness in our justice system.

Interrogating Justice confronts issues such as statewide gerrymandering and local disparities, making justice reform a personal endeavor for its members.

The organization zeroes in on four key failures of the criminal justice system:

  1. Lack of accountability for government officials.
  2. Unfairness in sentencing practices.
  3. Inadequate support for reentry into society.
  4. Limited access to justice for all individuals.

Through research, advocacy, and information-sharing, Interrogating Justice actively contributes to the ongoing national discourse on justice reform. While broad policy discussions are crucial, the organization focuses on the foundational issues underlying these debates.

Their efforts expose misconduct by government actors and highlight disparities in sentencing based on factors like race and gender. By sharing firsthand experiences, they shed light on the ineffectiveness of the incarceration system and advocate for comprehensive justice for all.

Interrogating Justice’s dedicated team stands ready to continue their vital work in reshaping the landscape of justice in our society.

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