Greg Lindberg, was raised in San Mateo, California, a developing suburb of San Francisco, now known as a vibrant suburban city in the heart of Silicon Valley, with a diverse community and picturesque neighborhoods.

Raised in a working-class household, Greg Lindberg’s parents, both children of a plumber and an auto-mechanic, instilled in him the values of hard work and discipline, emphasizing that success was the reward for such dedication. In fact, Lindberg recalls witnessing his father’s relentless work ethic, never taking a day off during his upbringing.

The Lindberg family started with humble beginnings, as evidenced by a ledger book maintained by Greg’s grandfather, documenting a salary of 8 cents per hour with meticulous records of every penny earned and spent. Seeing such attention to detail and modest living instilled Greg with a great work ethic.

Despite their modest background, Lindberg’s family didn’t offer much explicit advice beyond the principles of attention to detail and industriousness. The prevailing messages were simple yet impactful: “Just do your best” and “love what you do,” providing constant encouragement throughout Lindberg’s formative years.

San Mateo saw significant suburban development during Greg’s youth, with the expansion of residential neighborhoods and large increases in population. The growth of technology and aerospace industries in nearby Silicon Valley had a significant impact on the local economy and demographics., and proximity to technology hubs and the Bay Area.

Greg graduated from high school in 1989, and attended Yale University. He is the first Lindberg in his family to graduate from college, earning his bachelor’s degree in economics in 1993.