Greg Lindberg Early Years

Greg Lindberg had humble beginnings. He is the first Lindberg in his family to graduate from college. His parents were working-class, children of a plumber and auto-mechanic who taught that hard work and discipline were rewarded with success.

Lindberg says that as he was growing up, he never saw his dad take a day off. The Lindbergs had meager beginnings. Greg remembers a ledger book that his grandfather kept that showed a salary of 8¢ an hour. Every penny of income and expense was recorded.

Other than adherence to details and hard work, Lindberg’s family offered little advice. “Just do your best” and “love what you do” was their constant encouragement, Lindberg says.

“I grew up in a loving family, with two amazing parents and four siblings,” said Lindberg. “I was very lucky to have a supportive family. My parents hung a sign in my bedroom, which said, ‘Greg is great.’ They gave me lots of love, many resources and laid the foundation for my future.”